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Jazzed Up

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Sam was a saxophone player Liverpool for a local jazz band. He played every night at the old hotel downtown. Though the pay wasn’t much, he loved seeing the crowd pour in for sweet, soulful music they could move to. Music had always come naturally to him since the first time he picked up an instrument at the age of 9. His dad had played the harmonica out on their old rickety front porch while he sipped a jug of terrible tasting, homemade moonshine. One night, after Sam saw his dad pass out on in his favorite chair, he picked up the harmonica and copied a rhythm he had heard. Just like that, he was taken into a brand new world of musical expressionism. Everything he had inside came through with each note he played. People told Sam that jazz was no good just like the moonshine his dad always drank, but he felt so good every time he played that saxophone that he knew they must be wrong.

A Night On The Town

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After a long week at work quitting time was welcome. At home my two kids in bad moods because the plumbing was backed up. I’m divorced so the house problems are mine. Worse, the sitter couldn’t stay for the evening.

I called my friend who was supposed to take me out that night to cancel. She said she’d be arriving with a babysitter and to help me get ready to go have some fun.

An hour later she arrived. The babysitter was a young cousin with experience. Okay, one problem down. Next was getting ready. My friend had brought a dress she knew I’d look great in. I didn’t look great, I looked exhausted.

My friend knew what she was doing. She dragged a small suitcase into the house. It was loaded with cosmetics. She covered up the tired look like a professional wedding makeup artist Manchester. The results were amazing and so was our night on the town.

My Work is Important

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There are some jobs that an individual will work that seem more important than the other jobs that are out there. There are some who save lives every day and who know that each task that they complete is going to help to save someone from death. I do not do that kind of a job, yet I know that my job is important. I know that the work that I do changes lives, and I am happy for that. I work at an ear wax clinic Manchester, I do work that helps with the ears and hearing of the individuals who come to me. I know that the work that I do is not as important as the work that some others do, but I also know that the work that I do changes lives. My work is important in its own way.

Life in the sauna

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When we bought our home, I knew we would need central air. My husband on the other hand, was a cheap scape and was happy with one window unit in the living room.

It was like living in a sauna during the summer months. Our living room was the only room with Manchester air conditioning and it became a catch all. It became my office, the kids’ playroom, a dining room and a living room.

One day my husband came home to a kid on his recliner, two on the couch, another playing with Legos on the floor and a fifth in the baby swing. He didn’t have a place to sit.

That day he called a HVAC company to get us central air.

The house seems bigger now that everyone isn’t piled up in the living room and every room is comfortable to be in during the summer.

Don’t Whistle While You Work

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I had been working as an electrician’s assistant for a few months. Instead of finding the work stimulating, it had become tedious. I seemed to collect the brainless tasks. I got to clean up after the job was finished. I got to measure wires. I got to deliver coffee, snacks, and lunch. Why did I have learn the fine craft of an electrician to do these things?

But then I found a way to lighten my days. I took my violin to work. Before starting work, during breaks, and whenever I could manufacture an opportunity, I fiddled a little.

At first my co-workers gave me odd looks. Why not listen to the radio? But gradually they began to smile. And sometimes I would receive requests. And once when the rainy weather caused me to leave my violin at home, a few of them complained.

I have become an electric violinist Manchester!

My Very Own Holiday

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When Angela was 15 years old, she thought that she should have her very own holiday. This holiday would be nothing like Christmas, Easter, or even birthdays.

Angela wanted to set off a day to celebrate the parts of the world that many people don’t even think about. She wanted to celebrate the Polar Regions. It didn’t matter if the regions were located in the Arctic, or down south in and around Antarctica. Her goal was to educate the world about these places by creating her own holiday, Polar Icecap Day.

Her next venture was to decide what day Polar Icecap Day should be. She picked April 13th since that day was coming up soon on her calendar. She wanted it to be on Bolton CCTV.

It didn’t take her long to write a speech, a song and get her friends together to form a little parade. Before too long, her celebration was in order. Happy Polar Icecap Day!

Girls Day Out!

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On Saturday, I left the kids at home with my husband to enjoy a day out with my girl-friends. We had breakfast at this little place off Main Street, including pancakes, even two of us are dieting. They were awesome!

After that, we went shopping, early enough to beat the crowds, looking for an interview ensemble for Rebecca and a bag for me that’s big enough for my tablet, but doesn’t look like a grocery bag. The boutiques had nothing for us, so we hit the department stores and score! We both walked out with what we wanted…and a few other things.

Afterward, we wanted to do something relaxing, but a bit different than just getting a pedicure. Dana suggested facials, but Rebecca had the better idea. We ended up getting a Liverpool thai massage that was fantastic!

Then we met our husbands at the new Italian place for a yummy dinner to finish the day.

Total relaxation

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I recently treated myself to a Manchester thai massage. I am not a person that welcomes people touching me so my expectations from this massage were not very high. From the moment I laid on the massage table I was put at ease by the soft relaxing music and the smell of lavender from a burning candle. The massage therapist was excellent and was very understanding about my dislike of being touched by others. Very quickly she put me at ease and was working her magic. I was so relaxed and in a state of bliss that I did not realize that the massage was over. I laid on the table for ten minutes relishing in the trance the therapist had helped my achieve. I was brought back to reality by the cleaning staff that entered the room to clean it prior to the next persons arrival. What an experience!